Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Hurricane Irma floods local Creativity Lab

Many people think that if you are in the middle of the state of Florida in a major college town that the flooding affects of a hurricane are minimal. As many r... READ MORE

Helping you make sense of the storm, so you can rebuild.

Storms are devastating and can wreak havoc on your home and business. The initial outcome can be overwhelming as your personal affects are ravaged by the eleme... READ MORE

Storms are as unpredictable as they are devastating.

Even with today's technology and years of knowledge that has been compiled to make storm prediction more accurate, storms are still highly unpredictable. Any s... READ MORE

What happens after the storm, before the rebuild?

There a quite a few Floridians who have ridden out many storms over the years, but any time you are dealing with mother nature, you know that no two storms are ... READ MORE

Tree falls on this Florida home

Living in a sub-tropic climate, such as Florida, storms and their aftermath can be a quite common occurance. Unfortunately some storms are worse than others and... READ MORE

Flood damage in Gainesville, FL

We certainly experience heavy rain, flooding, and wind from powerful storms in Florida at many times of the year. Unfortunately, sometimes our homes aren't well... READ MORE