Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold found throughout house

Owner was starting to smell something odd in his house. Ended up having mold growing all around the house. The before picture is just one small area of the mold... READ MORE

Sometimes it's the hidden damage that is the most devastating to your home.

As a homeowner, when you find damage, it sometimes seems easiest to circumvent the experts and do it yourself. After all, who doesn't like to save money for so... READ MORE

Even the experts trust our knowledge of mold remediation.

Mold is scary when you see evidence of it creeping along your walls or ceilings, but many times mold lies hidden in your home. It can go unchecked behind walls... READ MORE

Improper construction can create mold issues in your new home.

Building or buying a new construction home can be an exciting time in your life. Everything is brand new and clean. It seems as if there could be no way to ha... READ MORE

Mold can be lurking where you can't see it.

Unfortunately, many Floridians are no stranger to mold contamination in their homes. With our sub-tropic climate, mold spores lurk everywhere in the outside ai... READ MORE

Improper Ventilation Can cause Mold Growth

Most homeowners are familiar with the exhaust fan located in most bathrooms, but do not realize their main function has nothing to do with odors. The main func... READ MORE

Mold damage in Gainesville, FL home

Contrary to popular belief, mildew is one of the many types of mold that are naturally occurring in the air. It is just as hazardous and can, given the right co... READ MORE