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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Gainesville, FL Bathroom

In the midst of a disaster, such as a fire in your home, have no fear. SERVPRO is licensed and certified for fire damage clean up. In this Gainesville, FL home,... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Archer, FL

A fire damage occurred in a home in Archer, FL due to a heater fire that quickly escalated. As you can see, the home was covered in heavy soot. The homeowner wa... READ MORE

Flood damage in Gainesville, FL

We certainly experience heavy rain, flooding, and wind from powerful storms in Florida at many times of the year. Unfortunately, sometimes our homes aren't well... READ MORE

Mold damage in Gainesville, FL home

Contrary to popular belief, mildew is one of the many types of mold that are naturally occurring in the air. It is just as hazardous and can, given the right co... READ MORE

Tree falls on this Florida home

Living in a sub-tropic climate, such as Florida, storms and their aftermath can be a quite common occurance. Unfortunately some storms are worse than others and... READ MORE

Bio-Hazard Clean-up in Gainesville, FL

We don't just help restore after a water, fire or mold situation. We also clean bio-hazard situations. The above photos were a situation we were called out to r... READ MORE

Water Damage in a bathroom in Gainesville, FL

The water damage pictured was a lot more than just a bathroom, but you can clearly see the difference from before to after of what type of service SERVPRO of Al... READ MORE

Fire damage in Alachua, FL

This is a room that had caught fire in Alachua FL. SERVPRO provides our technicians the training and resources to clean even the worst situations to make it "Li... READ MORE

Barbershop Fire in Gainesville, FL

The thing about disasters is that you usually cannot see them coming. The before picture is a good example of how a business owner might think their business w... READ MORE

Apartment Fire Bathroom total rebuild

The bathroom of an apartment with extensive structural and soot damage is the photo to the left. Between what the fire destroyed and the soot that enveloped ev... READ MORE

Tenant, friend or family left you in a mess?

There are many disasters that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and at a loss as to how you are going to cope with the clean up process left by a friend, family... READ MORE

When your Job is also your home, you need SERVPRO.

When you hear SERVPRO, most people think of fire, water, mold, and general cleaning services. Here at SERVPRO of Alachua County West, we do so much more than t... READ MORE

You never know when you'll need us!

Disaster comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. You never know when to expect it, or how your going to overcome it until it gets here. We here at SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

When you just don't have the resources to handle a Biohazard job.

We all take pride in our ability to do our job and do it well, but some days you may not have the know-how or resources to handle every situation. One such sit... READ MORE

We are here when you don't know what to do.

Some emergencies affect more than just your home, but many aspects of your life, and in these emergencies you have no idea who to call. In the case where a fam... READ MORE

Don't let disaster slow your business.

Sometimes you don't realize how you've let general cleaning at your business go by the wayside until a disaster brings it to light. The before photo is in a wa... READ MORE

Having damage can affect your business.

Not only can water and mold damage affect the structure of your business, it can also affect the aesthetics and atmosphere of how your customers perceive your b... READ MORE

Flooded Elevator Shafts at Local Hospital.

There is no job too large for SERVPRO of Alachua County West to handle. A local hospital sustained water damage and flooded elevator shafts after a pipe burst.... READ MORE

Improper Ventilation Can cause Mold Growth

Most homeowners are familiar with the exhaust fan located in most bathrooms, but do not realize their main function has nothing to do with odors. The main func... READ MORE

Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

As, many restaurant owners know, their equipment is crucial to their business. It is the heart and soul of any kitchen and in a busy restaurant, their workload... READ MORE

Even outdoor spaces can be susceptible to water damage.

We have many spaces that are a part of our homes that serve different purposes and can handle different atmospheric conditions, such as a porch, screened room o... READ MORE

Mold can be lurking where you can't see it.

Unfortunately, many Floridians are no stranger to mold contamination in their homes. With our sub-tropic climate, mold spores lurk everywhere in the outside ai... READ MORE

What happens after the storm, before the rebuild?

There a quite a few Floridians who have ridden out many storms over the years, but any time you are dealing with mother nature, you know that no two storms are ... READ MORE

Improper construction can create mold issues in your new home.

Building or buying a new construction home can be an exciting time in your life. Everything is brand new and clean. It seems as if there could be no way to ha... READ MORE

Not all water damage is the same

Not all water damage can be mitigated in the same way. The source of the water, as well as the amount of time it has had to soak into materials can affect how ... READ MORE

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage.

When you have water damage to your home or business it can be overwhelming, and if you have never experienced it before your next step may be a mystery. All da... READ MORE

Storms are as unpredictable as they are devastating.

Even with today's technology and years of knowledge that has been compiled to make storm prediction more accurate, storms are still highly unpredictable. Any s... READ MORE

One of the many reasons soot from fire travels throughout your home, your A/C.

Anyone who has been through a fire knows the damage that soot can cause. Besides that soot is drawn to cooler air, your A/C is another culprit to soot being sp... READ MORE

Even the experts trust our knowledge of mold remediation.

Mold is scary when you see evidence of it creeping along your walls or ceilings, but many times mold lies hidden in your home. It can go unchecked behind walls... READ MORE

Helping you make sense of the storm, so you can rebuild.

Storms are devastating and can wreak havoc on your home and business. The initial outcome can be overwhelming as your personal affects are ravaged by the eleme... READ MORE

Even contractors can have an emergency, and they call the experts... SERVPRO!

Remodeling your home can be exciting as well as add value to your home and comfort to your lives. It can also be a big undertaking and many homeowners choose t... READ MORE

Upkeep on your commercial properties can be overwhelming, let SERVPRO of Alachua County West help you.

Commercial multi-unit buildings such as hotels and apartments many times take several full time employees to maintain. Even with regular maintenance, and clean... READ MORE

Sometimes it's the hidden damage that is the most devastating to your home.

As a homeowner, when you find damage, it sometimes seems easiest to circumvent the experts and do it yourself. After all, who doesn't like to save money for so... READ MORE

Hurricane Irma floods local Creativity Lab

Many people think that if you are in the middle of the state of Florida in a major college town that the flooding affects of a hurricane are minimal. As many r... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos